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Alas, I didn't document the entire process, so we'll have to start from here.  Let's see... it's a big guy, measuring 30 inches across inside and just over 6 feet tall.  Some factoids:

bullet3/4" MDF panels over a 2x4 frame.
bulletBlack paint on the inside visible parts and less-visible panels (e.g. top and back).  Two coats primer, multiple coats flat black indoor latex from Lowes.
bulletHapp's black pica vinyl on several panels, including the coindoor, the thin horizontal panel above the control panel, the speaker panel, and the thin horizontal panel just below the marquee.  This is really good stuff,  btw.  Highly recommended.
bulletBlack Formica laminate on the sides from Home Depot.
bulletBlack 3/4" t-molding all around from

Below is the side of the cabinet, to give you an idea of the overall shape.  I copied this from somewhere, but have long ago lost track of the source so can't give attribution. 

  And here's the back with the TV installed.  Whoops, some idiot didn't measure very well and was forced to cut off some of the TV's case.  Doh!  Oh well, at least this was pretty easy, using a Dremel with a rotary cutting bit.

The top diagonal piece is screwed in with woodscrews and not meant to be removable, although I did omit the glue so it could be taken off if absolutely necessary.  

The top back panel attaches via two 1/4" bolts into t-nuts.  The t-nuts are glued in with Elmer's really strong glue... the stuff that is like Gorilla Glue.  I used numerous t-nuts in various areas of the cabinet, finding they came in quite handy.  

The bottom panel on the back just slips into place. Here's a picture of this panel:

The round things are ventilation holes, drilled with a spade bit.  The two things sticking out at the bottom are short pieces of 1x2" lumber, glued and screwed onto the bottom inside of this panel.  To attach this rear piece, you simply slide it up into place, push it in, and then slide it down.  The top is held by a diagonal piece above it and the bottom stay put due to the 1x2" wood pieces sticking down.  Very simple and quick.

Here's a picture of the cabinet's top:

That's a small AC fan in the middle, mounted on the inside.  And the black push button turns the whole thing on.  More on that later.  The round thingies on the right edge are three t-nuts for holding the top marquee retainer in place (Happ).  #6 machine screws, spray painted black.  Looks nice and is easy to remove.  The bottom part of the marquee retainer is glued into place.

And, of course, the coindoor:

Got this from eBay years ago.  No mechs, but that's okay.  Held in place by four 1/4" carriage bolts spray painted black.  On the inside are fender washers and nuts.  Can you see that Happ black pica vinyl around the coindoor?  Again I'll say:  Good Stuff.

That's pretty much it.  Click here to see the control panel.