Control Panel


This humble website shows my custom-built arcade cabinet.  This beast was literally years in the making.  I got excited about the idea of building a MAME cabinet in 2001 or so, and proceeded to gather information from the various internet sites. 

I ended up with a whole bunch of stuff, from artwork to plans, and proceeded to start buying stuff.  Building supplies from Home Depot, controls from Happ, etc.  I created a control panel top, built a 2x4 frame for the cab, bought all the parts... then got busy / lost interest and it all sat in my basement until August, 2004.

At that point the "fire" was rekindled and I went back to working on the project.  It's now pretty much finished, although there's a bit of trim work I might add when I get a chance.  But, since it's now completely playable, it'll probably be a while before any more work is accomplished.

This page was last updated on 10/12/04.