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I mounted a old PC power supply in the cabinet and used three 8-position barrier strips with shorting bars to create 5V and 12V DC power points.  Here's a pic:

The left barrier strip is +5V, the right is +12V, and the middle is ground.  This gives me an easy point to get low voltage DC.  At the moment, wires from here run to the coindoor lights, the trackball light (now disconnected), and the audio amplifier. 

And yes, that's a BITS SmartStrip.  It's pretty cool to hit the top-mounted pushbutton and have the entire cabinet come to life.  Helping this is my TV, a 27" Panasonic with s-video and "auto power on" feature.  Sweet.

I originally had an 18" fluorescent light behind the marquee:

But this resulted in an awful hum on the speakers, which are mounted just below.  Plus it just didn't light up the marquee very evenly, especially the far left and right sides.  Remember that the inside of the cabinet is 30" wide, so maybe I should have tried a 24" strip.

In any case, I searched around and found some stuff about electronic vs. magnetic ballasts, shielding, etc.  But rather than try all this stuff that might or might not work, I just decided to revert to incandescent lighting:

That's four keyless sockets with 25 watt 3 1/8" frosted globe bulbs.  It looks great, producing a nice even glow for the marquee.  I cut apart a cheap 6' extension cord to wire up the light sockets.  You can see the fan behind the light bulbs, so there probably won't be any heat problems.

Click here to see the finished product.