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Here's the finished product:

Well, mostly finished I guess.  Currently, the marquee is just something I printed at home on my inkjet, spanning three pages.  Eventually I hope to do something better and get it printed at

Here's a closeup of the TV area:

As mentioned before, that's a 27" Panasonic TV I picked up at Sears a few years ago.  In front of the TV is a 27" monitor bezel from Happ.  And all of this is behind a custom-made piece of 1/4" gray tinted tempered glass. 

I was originally going to use Lexan/Lucite, but decided to go ahead and splurge for glass after much reading of the message boards.

Other misc. tidbits:

bulletThe PC is a 700-ish Dell with 256MB RAM, 2x20GB drives, Win98SE.
bulletThe video card is an old ATI @play with 8MB video memory.
bulletThe front end is MameWAH.
bulletCurrently installed emulators are MAME and VisualBoyAdvance.
bulletI named this domain mamegap because my initials are "GAP" and that's the first thing that came to mind.
bulletThis thing might eventually end up with a marquee naming it "The Machine", because that's what my kids kept calling it throughout the construction process.  "Daddy, when will The Machine be finished?"

That's about it, I think... at least for now.  Feel free to e-mail me should you have any questions.